Scales & Tails
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Rescues and Shelters - Scalesandtails. A non-profit online animal adoption and animal rescue place for ferrets, iguanas, reptiles and herps.
Mexican Jumping Beans
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Invertebrates - Mexican Jumping Beans. Information on care for live mexican jumping beans as pets.
Phasmids : Stick Insects
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Invertebrates - My Phasmids. Information such as feeding, housing, and breeding of stick and leaf insects (Phasmatodea).
Hermit Crab Association
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Invertebrates - Hermit Crab Association. A humane society for the care of hermit crabs worldwide.
Arachnopets - Home
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Invertebrates - Arachnopets. Tarantula, scorpion and centipede info.
Tarantulas, Spiders, Photo Gallery - Rick C West -
A very large collection of tarantula images, including scientific names, common names and descriptions. Rick West is one of the leading experts on tarantulas in the world. Rick is the author or many scientific and non-scientific publications on tarantulas and owns one of the most extensive, high quality, tarantula photoslide and digital archives on record.
Hedgehog Central
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Hedgehogs - Hedgehog Central. African Pygmy hedgehog resource page with information on the care, breeding, housing, colors, and showing.
Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group
Recreation, Pets, Exotic, Hedgehogs - Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group. Dedicated to providing Michigan hedgehog owners with information for local stores, vets, and online facilities to get help for the prickly pets.